laser technician performing a laser tattoo removal on a guy's arm in Perth


At Laser Skin Experts we offer an array of services to our Perth patients to make their lives just a little easier

We know first hand just how difficult it can be to deal with moles, tattoos and skin tags that cause you to feel self-conscious, so we’ve worked hard to establish a laser skin care studio that deals with all of these issues in a matter of hours.

To make the entire process a whole lot easier, we are continually updating our equipment and improving our laser removal techniques to ensure the entire process is as pain-free or comfortable as possible, even if you’re undergoing a significant tattoo removal.

Our team of experienced skin experts boast years in the industry as well as a whole suite of certifications and relevant degrees in the field. That means you’re able to place your complete faith in their hands when it comes to having tattoos and other issues dealt with on your skin.

Our Equipment

For those who are interested in our equipment, you should know that we are continually updating our hardware to ensure that we’re able to offer the latest services to our patients. Whether you’re looking for a state of the art service such as precision mole removal or dark ink tattoo removal you can rest assured that we’ll have the laser equipment for you.

On top of these equipment pieces, we also make sure to adapt and enhance our tattoo, skin tag and mole removal procedures to make use of these devices better. When we’re provided with a device that is capable of a whole lot more than the previous model, we take the time to sit down and devise a new array of services or techniques that allow us to better service our patients.

As a result of this, our patients in Perth are more than satisfied with every service they choose to undertake with us. We take the time to tailor services if need be, and that means that if someone has a large-scale tattoo removal coming up, or several moles that need to be removed, we offer an ongoing, multi-session treatment.

Our Services

To go hand in hand with all of our state of the art equipment, we offer many services that extend from tattoo removal on all body parts to the removal of skin tags in problem areas that can even include eyelids, elbows and the ears. We also offer mole removal and other minor cosmetic skin procedures that help to clear up imperfections on the surface of the skin.

Each service is streamlined by beginning with a complimentary, no-commitment consultation followed by an assessment and then the treatment of the issue. We’re proud of offering a process such as this as it allows our patients to be entirely in the loop about what’s going to unfold and they’re able to prepare accordingly.

In some cases, we also offer on-the-spot-service to those who may not be able to get time away from work or the family in time for a treatment. This is an ideal solution for those who may have upcoming events and require a quick fix.