Coffee shops and cafes are very popular and significant in Perth as various shops serve different styles and varieties of coffee. In this article, we are going to list out 10 most worthy of visiting coffee shops in Perth and the reasons why you should give them a try.

1. Addison and Steel (North Perth)
This is an open space cafe with amazing interior designs with lamps, tiles and mismatching furniture which add value to the visitors. There are all kinds of regular coffee and special seasonal coffee that visitors can enjoy.

2. Grouch and Co.  (Myaree)
This is an industrial style coffee shop that ensures a well-balanced coffee each time. Visitors can enjoy the coffee-making process from roasting beans to making the final coffee while having their delicious coffee.

3. Architect and Heroes (Subiaco)
This is a simple and modest coffee shop where most of the people love to visit. They are famous for serving honest coffee, tea, and fruit juice.

4. The Tribute Coffee and Kitchen (Shelly)
This is a very busy place with customers where sometimes customers need to wait in ques. The presentation of coffee and food is so attractive and excellent as well as quality ingredients are used.

5. Duotone (East Perth)
This is a special place for coffee which serves all day in the same way. They also offer special breakfast and snacks. Mondays and Tuesdays they offer a $1 coffee with every breakfast.

6. Modus Coffee (Mount Lawley)
This is also the best coffee shop where they have only limited seats to enjoy the coffee made with ethically sourced beans. Due to limited seats, they offer takeaway coffee also with the same quality and taste.

7. Hylin Cafe (West Leederville)
Here they offer lots of coffee options as well as breakfasts to customers. Customers are also amazed by the modern architectural designs of their cafe.

8. Elixir Coffee (Nedlands)
The coffee is made with house-roasted beans with high-quality standards. They also offer retail packs of coffee where customers can enjoy at home. Their good service, parking and convenient opening hours grab more customers.

9. Tiisch (Hay Street)
Attractive interior designs and indoor plants add a great experience for customers. There are options for customers to select each ingredient of the coffee as they wish. At the same time, there are many breakfast, lunch and dinner options.

10. Lowdown (Hay Street)
This is also a busy cafe that maintains the standards over the years. Location, interior design, and attractive service lead to pulling more customers every day.

Above are the most worth visiting coffee shops in Perth which add more memorable values to your trip. So when you visit Perth, do not forget to enjoy coffee from at least one of these coffee shops.