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If you’ve decided that it’s time to say goodbye to an old tattoo, or at least part of it, then there’s no better place to head to for tattoo removal in Perth than the Laser Skin Experts.

We utilise state of the art laser equipment, refined removal procedures and our team’s decades of experience to provide a service that’s stress-free, affordable and effective – every time.




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“I’m not too sure how long a tattoo after laser treatment should take to fade completely, but after just one session here my neck tattoo is almost completely gone! Definitely, recommend these guys. ”

 laser hair specialists in Perth

Loretta L , Fremantle

After just four sessions here my extremely dark tattoo has massively faded. There’s just a light tint in some parts whereas other sections are entirely gone. Could not be happier with the tattoo removal

Lisa P, Joondalup

Our Benefits

Why should you use laser skin experts Perth?

Complimentary Initial Consultations

Part of ensuring a streamlined and stress-free process for our patients is offering completely complimentary initial consultations. If you’re on the fence about your tattoo removal, or would just like some more information simply make a booking with us or head to our clinic to discuss your options and what you’d like us to do.

We Work on All Tattoo Types

If you’re not too sure whether your type of tattoo can be removed, either due to its size, colour, shape or ink type you can rest assured. As we stay on the cutting edge of laser technology we’re able to assure our patients that we can remove any and all types of tattoos no matter their type. It’s all part of our full-service tattoo removal in Perth.

The Safest Way to Remove a Tattoo

We understand that safety is a top priority at all time, and of course we want our patients to understand that the only safe way to have a tattoo removal is by employing the power of a specialised laser. To ensure this safety we work within all Australian regulatory guidelines and also follow our own strict guides. As a result, our tattoo removal services are entirely safe and effective, causing no long-term issues or pain.

Additional FAQs

How does tattoo removal work?

In order to remove a tattoo via laser, a short laser burst will be fired repeatedly into the skin reaching the tattoo’s pigment where it will be absorbed into the ink. As the laser is fired very rapidly, the ink is unable to continue absorbing the laser light and begins to break down into granules which are then filtered out of the body through a natural process. However, if a total breakdown isn’t possible, the laser will work to dramatically fade the tattoo out of visibility.

What does a laser tattoo removal session feel like?

Contrary to what many people believe, laser tattoo removal is quite painless and akin to being lightly flicked by a rubber band or poked by a ballpoint pen. You’re not likely to be in any pain whatsoever throughout our procedure, though if you’re a little uncomfortable or dislike the sensation, we have additional topical numbing ointments available.

How many sessions will I need to remove my tattoo?

This will entirely depend on your tattoo. We’d love to offer a set number of hours or sessions, though your tattoo’s ink type, colour and the depth of the ink will change the number of sessions you need for a complete removal.

Will my tattoo disappear completely?

Generally our patients can expect their tattoo removal to remove at least 95% of the tattoo’s pigment and visibility. That said, there may be a few very minor visible sections, though near-complete removal is certainly a possibility.

It’s important to keep in mind however that more than 100 different kinds of tattoo pigments and inks are in use across the world, which essentially means it’s impossible for us to tell you whether your tattoo’s ink will fade completely or not.

Is there a chance I could scar?

Typically scarring is a non-issue for our patients, however, there is still a chance of developing a scar simply based on your body’s reaction to the laser, overall though, the chances of permanent scarring from a laser tattoo removal treatment are very low.

As part of our specialised treatments, we make sure that our patients are always suited to our services. That said, if you believe you’re someone who may scar, or who has a tendency to scar easily, let us know beforehand and we will conduct a short test tattoo removal in Perth to determine if scarring is something you should be concerned about.

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Perth is split between the City of Perth and the City of Vincent local authorities. Perth was named after the city of the same name in Scotland.

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