Cosmetic Laser Mole and Skin Tag Removal

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Let’s work together to rid your skin of those unwanted imperfections with our specialised skin tag removal and mole removal in Perth.

With years of experience, the Laser Skin Experts are here to free your skin and give you back the confidence you deserve.

Our service is as easy as a single consult and a rapid removal so you don’t need to stress or be stuck on a long waiting list.




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“I’m not too sure how long a tattoo after laser treatment should take to fade completely, but after just one session here my neck tattoo is almost completely gone! Definitely, recommend these guys. ”

 laser hair specialists in Perth

Loretta L , Fremantle

After just four sessions here my extremely dark tattoo has massively faded. There’s just a light tint in some parts whereas other sections are entirely gone. Could not be happier with the tattoo removal

Lisa P, Joondalup

Our Benefits

Why should you use laser skin experts Perth?

Free Initial Consultations

For those who aren’t sure of whether they’d like to move forward with a laser mole removal or skin tag removal with us, we offer comprehensive initial consultations that are entirely free. That means you’re able to have a sit down with us, discuss your needs and let us know the sort of results you’re looking for – all without any commitment.

Removal of All Mole and Skin Tag Types

If you’re someone who has a number of small moles or skin tags, or even a few considerably large ones, you’ll be glad to know that our laser equipment is more than capable of removing them all with ease. Our laser techniques are developed to effectively penetrate the skin and entice it to cut blood flow to the mole or skin tag, resulting in it simply being ‘vaporised.’

Industry Leading Procedures and Equipment

As laser technologies and cosmetics practices have advanced, so too have mole and skin tag removal procedures. Unlike the unsafe and quite uncomfortable scalpel removal of moles and skin tags, lasers now offer the safest alternative on the market. Whether you’re dealing with a dark mole or a series of uncomfortable skin tags, laser cosmetic mole removal in Perth is your safest bet.

Additional FAQs

What happens after my treatment?

Once you’ve undergone a treatment with us, you’ll need to leave your mole or skin tag alone to heal as naturally as possible. If an ointment or cream is required to improve healing, one of our team members will let you know.

The process should take between 7 and 10 days to heal completely. There may be very slight discolouration in the area where the mole or skin tag was, however, this will fade away within a few weeks.

How many treatments will I need?

In most cases you’ll only need to undertake one treatment, however, if you have a large number of skin tags or moles that need to be removed, you may need to book a second session with us.

How do I prepare for the treatment?

As cosmetic mole removal is a superficial procedure rather than one that’s undertaken for medical reasons, you can expect the cost to be relatively affordable. At Laser Skin Experts, our mole removals and skin tag removals can cost around $100 per session, however, a final cost will rest on your individual issues and whether you’ll need further treatments.

Does laser mole removal or skin tag removal hurt?

You’ll be glad to know that our procedures are entirely painless thanks to our use of the latest equipment and also a range of local anaesthetic. We also make sure to double check that the mole or skin tag being worked on is completely numb before we begin. Essentially, every laser skin tag removal and laser mole removal in Perth with us is entirely painless.

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Perth is split between the City of Perth and the City of Vincent local authorities. Perth was named after the city of the same name in Scotland.

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