Western Australia is a place with excitements and enjoyments among all Australia, and Perth is the jewel of it. There are numerous kinds of activities to choose from, and you definitely will not leave underwater activities behind. If you are visiting Perth, be sure to try one of the most favorite underwater activities, scuba diving, and truly experience the magnificence of Perth.

Learn the basic!

There are plenty of local diving spots in the surrounding Perth and you will ultimately be satisfied whether you are already a licensed and experienced scuba diver or just a fresh newcomer to this additive and attractive activity. If you are completely unfamiliar with scuba diving, you can start with scuba diving course and choose the desired length and level which most suit you. You will learn everything you need in scuba diving, from theoretic knowledge, familiarizing gears, adjusting your breath, to emergency management.

Put into practice!

If you have already learned some techniques before and want to give it a field test, then you are free to choose either go for a shore dive or go for a boat dive, where shore dive is realized in the area closer to shore, and boat dive requires a boat trip before actually dive in open waters. No matter what types of diving options you choose, the fun is always there for you to explore it during the process.


The nearest, the better!

Here comes the selection of spots for scuba diving. With so many options and locations to choose from, here are some of the great spots for making your scuba diving memorable and enjoyable. You can start with one of the nearest diving spots from Perth, North Mole, where it only takes you about 15 minutes drive to get there. When you dive in this area, there is a small shipwreck around and pretty obvious to spot, so you can’t really miss it. It’also quite accessible for you to dive up and down the mole itself, where you can find shelters of creatures like rock lobsters, stingrays, cuttlefish, and bullseyes. As it’s pretty easy to access North Mole, expect and be cautious of potential boat traffic here.

Easy to access and entertaining at the same time!

If you want to travel a little bit more, aim for Point Peron Road, where 30 minutes drive is required for you to arrive at this great diving spot for scuba diving as well as snorkeling. This area is part of Shoal Water Islands Marines Park, so expect lots of marine wildlife here during your activity. Start with a short swim through mushroom rocks and then furthermore to the great dive spots of 7m depth. You can also swim to the outer reef area with slightly deeper 10m depth. There are also caves in this area for you to explore besides witnessing usual marine wildlife.


Leave the crowd and double the fun!

You can head for Yanchep Dog Beach, where it provides a shallow reef area about 4m depth and a much wider and deeper outer area about 10m depth. It takes you less than an hour to reach Yanchep Dog Beach, and there are lots for you to see, including but not limited to sea urchins, octopus, sea stars, crayfish, lionfish, shells. Immerse yourself in this amazing place and dive with these lovely creatures. Yanchep Dog Beach is quite suitable for divers who like to dive in a less crowded environment, but the enjoyment and excitement are definitely worthy of your trip.


Perth is such a great place to provide diverse types of scuba diving activities as well as diving spots to choose from. There are many licensed and good reputation scuba diving companies here to help guide you through all the necessities you required for scuba diving. Always consult with experienced instructors in advance, and they will definitely provide their professional instructions and recommendations to make your scuba diving in Perth more enjoyable.