Ever wondered why you should pay Perth a visit? After all, it lies over 3000 kilometers from the other end of Australia! Is traveling all that way worth it? Of course, it is – Perth has countless things to offer visitors. Here are 13 reasons why you should add Perth to the top of your travel list.

Perth’s Outdoor Attractions

The weather is perfect.

Perth has a moderate climate with sunny days all year round, perfect for lounging at the beach or exploring the outdoors.

Speaking of the beach, Perth’s are world-class, with perfect white sand and opportunities for snorkeling and surfing. You’ll find most of the action at Cottlesoe Beach, about a 30-minute bus ride from the city.

Explore nature reserves.

Head to Heirisson Island, where you can meet a kangaroo up close. Then make your way over to Penguin Island, home to marine and aquatic life.

See the world’s largest inner-city park.

King’s Park is 400 hectares with gardens, countless animal species, recreational areas, and a view of the Perth skyline. Even if parks aren’t your thing, King’s Park is definitely worth a visit.

Perth’s Cultural Sights

Learn about indigenous heritage.

The Kings Park Indigenous Heritage Tour will introduce you to the Noongar people, the original occupants of Perth, who consider the Swan River as sacred.

Soak up some culture.

Visit the Western Australia Museum to discover the history of the region, and hear stories of local aboriginal culture. Check out the Art Gallery of Western Australia to see up and comings artists and designers.

Meet a quokka.

Take a ferry from Fremantle over to Rottnest Island, home of the adorable marsupial, the quokka. The natural beauty and teeming wildlife also make Rottnest a great place to flex your photography skills.

Sightseeing in and around Perth

Cruise along the Swan River

Catch a glimpse of historic Fremantle on a scenic river cruise. There are tons of landmarks to see along the way.

While you’re in Fremantle, Visit the UNESCO World Heritage site Fremantle Prison. It boasts a museum, ghost tour, and hostel for backpackers.

Enjoy some craft beer.

Fremantle is also home to three craft breweries – Little Creatures, Feral Brewing Co., Old Brewery, and Northbridge Brewing Co.

Going out in Perth

Eat some delicious food (and sip some delicious coffee).

Perth is known for its foodie scene, with exquisite seafood. Head back to Fremantle to relax along the cappuccino strip.

The nightlife is vibrant.

The Northbridge inner-city suburb of Perth is already lively during the day and comes alive ten times over after dark. Giant clubs, live music, wine bars, LGBTQI-friendly spots are all on offer in Northbridge.

Get some retail therapy.

The waterfront Elizabeth Quay complex is full of shops, eateries, art, and a museum. You could easily spend a whole day here with so much to see and activities and events always on.

From King’s Park to Fremantle Prison to Elizabeth Quay, Perth has a little everything. Laid-back vibe, natural beauty, scores of wildlife, cultural heritage – if you can’t find something to enjoy in Perth then you must not be looking! Now that you know all there is to do in Perth, why wouldn’t you want to go?