While there is certainly more than one reason why I keep coming back to Perth, I will be giving you a definitive list of reasons why everyone should. From restaurants to beaches you will find out why Perth will be your favorite city in Australia.

1) The first reason to come back to Perth would obviously be the food. Perth, Australia has taken a culture of its own with its fast-food scene. With restaurants like Lallah Rookh and Wildflower, Perth has the best restaurant scene in Australia.

2) Being part of Western Australia, Perth is known for its vibrant sports culture as well. Basketball, cricket, netball, and Rugby League are just a few sports that Australians from Perth like to practice.

3) Have you ever heard that Australians are more attractive? Well while beauty is in the eye of the beholder, most people would agree that Australians are very attractive. If you are single you might enjoy Perth, in particular, it’s a very cultured and extremely beautiful people.

4) If you are a night owl and always down for a nice party then head down to Perth for a good time out in the club. Perth, Australia has an extensive list of nightclubs that deserve an article of their own. The best nightclub in Perth is Air Nightclub.

5) My fifth reason to love Perth is not about the culture, but about its affordability. The hotels are cheap in Perth, which makes its appeal even more alluring.

6) You don’t always have to visit Perth for something industrial. When you visit Perth you will notice how beautiful its scenery is. Maybe you’ll try the Bibbulmun Track which is very near Perth.

7) Speaking of nature, Perth also has a beach. Scratch that. Perth has many beaches. If you visit Perth for any reason let it be this one. Perth has over four beaches and they are waiting for you to relax near them. A visit to Perth could be great if you have children because you can sip your Margarita while watching your kids play in the beach waters.


8) Another reason to visit Perth is its wonderful wine tours. Swan Valley wine in Perth will take you on a great tour and guess what? You get to taste chocolate!

9.) Some people like history. History people, meet Perth. Perth, Australia has its own museum. I heard that they were also trying to open up another museum in the year twenty-twenty.

10.) Northbridge Piazza has a ginormous TV. You can watch it while you eat an outback steak.

11) Perth is also very cycling friendly. If you visit Perth you could ride your bike pretty much anywhere. A very nice place to do your cycling would be Freemantle. There are lots of bicycles in that area.

Now you have great reasons why you should visit Perth. With over two million people in that area and numerous restaurants, there should be no reason you wouldn’t visit the lovely city. When you do go to Perth, just remember to control your excitement and enjoy the fun. Because you are surely coming back.